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Raft: how to unlock all characters | Cosmetics guide

Raft: how to unlock all characters | Cosmetics guide

In Raft, there is only one way to change your look and that is through character skins. There are a few new characters that you can unlock and play like in the story, but the tricky part is finding them all. If you’re itching to try out new threats while exploring the endless ocean, here’s how to get all the characters in the latest Raft.

The new characters don’t have any other stats, abilities, or anything special at all. The new characters are purely cosmetic. They exist to give you a new look and create the coolest life raft. It’s all! If you’re planning on spending 200 hours on Raft now that it’s fully released and full of features, there’s no reason not to capture all of these characters.

Location of all characters | Unlock Guide

Characters are cosmetic items that you can earn by reaching certain locations in the Raft.

  • Tala: Chapter 1 Radio Tower – On the top floor of the Radio Tower. Required to progress through the story.
  • Johnny: Chapter 3 Balboa Island – In the top room of Station 6 on Balboa Island.
    • The station is located in the southeastern part of the island.
  • Elaine: Chapter 5 Tangaroa – In a large lifeboat that you can find after leaving Tanganroa. Entering the release code will cause the lifeboat to drop into the water, allowing you to access it.
    • The input device is located at the top of a large tower. Enter code: 4-8-1-3
  • Shogo: Chapter 8 Temperance – In the large complex, repair the reactor to open a new path. Follow him into the room with the stasis pod. Opening the capsule will unlock Shogo.

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