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Prices of Intel Arc Graphics Card Series Leaked

Concrete developments have begun to occur for Intel Arc Alchemist graphics card models. A few days ago, Intel’s authorized names participated in the publications of some major publishers and gave information about new graphics cards.

We also mentioned that some game tests have been published for the latest A750 model . As a result, the interest in the new Intel graphics cards is intense. On the one hand, official statements are coming in this way, on the other hand, leaks continue to come. The latest leak has revealed Intel Arc graphics card prices .

How Intel Arc Graphics Card Prices Are?

If we accept that the leak is true, we can say that the cards will be cheaper than we expected.

According to the leak by Wccftech , the most expensive models will be the A770 and A750 , as expected . The prices of these graphics cards will range from $ 300 to $ 399 .

While the A770 model offers two separate memory options, 16 GB and 8 GB , the A750 model will only have 8 GB memory options.

Another video card model in the leak is the A580 . It is stated that this model, which is a little more entry-level, will also come with 8 GB of memory and the price will be between $ 200 and $ 299 .

The price of the A380 model , which was recently introduced in the Chinese market, will be between $ 100 and $ 149 , while the price of the A310 model will be under $ 99 .

If we look at this pricing , Intel Arc graphics cards will be at a level to compete with AMD and Nvidia. Of course, it is necessary to consider how true the leak is.

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