Pokemon Go Liverpool event All Details Here

Pokemon Go Liverpool event All Details Here

Pokemon Go Liverpool Safari Zone (Image: NIANTIC)

Pokemon Go Liverpool event All Details Here

POKEMON fans can pick up tickets for the Liverpool Safari Zone in just a few days time.

• Pokemon Go developer Niantic is finally hosting a Safari Zone event in the UK.

• Tickets for the Liverpool-based Pokemon Go event go on sale on February 14 for £12.

• Pokemon Go fans can also pick up a special City Explorer Pass, which open up the event to the entire city.

The first (and overdue) event in the UK, the Safari Zone is absolutely outlined by Niantic, is coming in from Pokemon Go to Liverpool’s beautiful city.

The event Pokemon Go Liverpool will run from April 17 to April 19, at the Sefton Park, a stone’s throw from a popular road sign for the Penny Lane.

Participants will battle pocket monsters, as well as primarily South Pacific regionally Relicanth, such as Krabby, Dragini, Chinchou, Unown V and Oshawott.

Pokemon pilgrimage fans to Liverpool will take tickets on February 14 from 8 am UK time, Niantic announced. since then.

Tickets for general admission are for £ 12, while tickets for Early Access are at £ 18. Through following the Pokemon Go support page, you can buy tickets.

“Early access ticket holders will have access to gaming event early and will receive two more hours,” Niantic says.

Fans can also purchase a City Explorer Pass for an extra £ 8, in addition to regular Safari Zone passes.

Niantic says, “We’re happy to try out the City Explorer Pass for those who would like to get up and go for the whole event weekend, and even outside the Safari zone for purchase.”

It can not be redeemed after the completion of your ticket order and does not count for compensation or transfer.”‘ With the City Exploring Pass, you are allowed to contribute to City Explorer Raiding, to hatch eggs faster across the whole of Liverpool and to receive other unique rewards for the full weekend of events.'” There is no other pass available for purchase than with safari zone package.

During the weekend, ten City Explorer Raids may be attended by ticket holders at a symbolic venue.

City Explorer ticket holders may also use egg hatching distances, unique field research, extended appeal and increased incense. Ticket holders will benefit from egg hatching.

Also purchases of a Safari Zone pass can provide the City Explorer Pass. So be advised.

Niantic adds: “Are you prepared to enter the new sea air, trainers and city explorers?

The news is that the Pokemon corporation is launching its new storage device Pokemoon Home, and you will be signing up for Pokémon GO on Friday, February 14, 2020 at 8 am GMT to purchase a Ticket for Safari Liverpool Zone along with a City Explorer Pass.

Pokemon Home can store up to 6,000 Poket Monsters, available in the Nintendo Switch eShop, as well as in the iOS and Android app shops.

Such Pokemons can be shared and exchanged with other players in different games.

There is also a free Pokemon Home edition, which allows users to store 30 bags and enter Room Trades

Pokemon Go Liverpool event All Details Here
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