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Pac-Man Movie To Come From The Producers Of Sonic Movie

Pac-Man Movie To Come From The Producers Of Sonic Movie

Sonic, one of the most iconic characters in the game world, managed to attract all the attention with his movies. Of course, the world of Hollywood does not intend to give up on such a successful industry. Now, there is the movie of Pac-Man, another icon of the gaming world. There is even a familiar name in the director’s chair of this movie.

Chuck Williams, who also directed Sonic The Hedgehog, will direct the movie, according to the statement. Since Bandai Namco Entertainment will be behind the project, we anticipate that it will not be difficult to reach the necessary content. Clear information about the film’s vision date or details has not been disclosed yet.

Developed by Namco designer Toru Iwatani, Pac-Man played a major role in the creation of the “arcade” culture of the 1980s. The game, which took Japan and North America by storm, attracted attention with its simple but addictive gameplay. Pac-Man has also appeared in many cartoon adaptations throughout his life.

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