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Overwatch Stops Selling Loot Boxes at the End of August

Overwatch Stops Selling Loot Boxes at the End of August

end of an era

Staying at the heart of the loot box discussions, Overwatch is preparing to close this old notebook with its new game. Blizzard has officially announced that with Overwatch 2, there will be a transition to the battle pass system that we see much more often in today’s games. As the original Overwatch approaches the end of the road, it will lose its loot boxes first.

  • Saying Goodbye to Loot Boxes with Overwatch 2!

Anniversary Remix Vol. Introducing the 3 events with a small blog post, the developer team stated in a quiet and calm way that loot boxes will also leave us. After the event’s end date, August 30, players will not be able to purchase loot boxes. All your loot boxes that you have not opened until this period will be opened automatically when the sale stops.

Let us remind you once again that Overwatch 2, which will enter our lives on October 1, will replace the original game. During this permanent move, all your cosmetics will automatically switch to the new game. In addition, you will be able to use all of the currencies in your wallet on Overwatch 2.

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