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One of the Indies we’ve been waiting for, BROK the Investigator Coming August 26th

One of the Indies we've been waiting for, BROK the Investigator Coming August 26th

They said that’s enough waiting 🙂

Brok the Investigator is one of the games that has been on our watch list for a while. Last year, we hosted him in our Indies We’ve Been Waiting for. It was expected to arrive in 2021, it didn’t, it hung over this year.

> The Indies we’ve been waiting for – BROK the Investigator

Fortunately, the wait will not be longer, we have learned that the game will be released after 2 weeks with the announcement made by COWCAT Games on Steam. The announcement is accompanied by a release date trailer:

Our hero, former boxer new detective Brok, is a character who likes to blend his work experiences, as seen in the trailer; When he gets bored with the investigation-investigation phase, he puts his fists into action and beats anyone in front of him 🙂

Brok the Investigator; Coming to PC on August 26; consoles will be present in the winter months. We have come to the end of our wait, I hope it will be a game worth waiting for.

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