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Old School RuneScape: Weekly Update [20.07.22]

Old School RuneScape: Weekly Update [20.07.22]

Introducing: Activity Advisor!

This in-game tool will highlight activities related to your account, measuring your progress and seeing what great and interesting content will be in the store next. It automatically calculates your skill levels, quest status, recent activity and other important statistics to find out which adventures you might be interested in! At the moment, the activity advisor only offers quests, but we plan to add skills, mini-games, and other categories later.

At the moment, Activity Advisor is only available for selected accounts as part of our initial testing period. If all goes well, we will use player feedback to make changes before they become available to all accounts.

“Available” and “Targeted” Content

There are two categories of content that you can find in the Activity Advisor: “Available Content” and “Targeted Content”.

  • Available content: A range of activities that you can do right now because you meet all the necessary skill and quest requirements.
  • Targeted Content: Milestones and points of progress that you are close to, but not quite meeting the requirements.

Section of quests

In the quest section, you will be able to see the quests for which you have completed the requirements, as well as the quests that you are close to starting.

This section prioritizes quests that give access to important unlocks such as Fairy Ring teleporters or progress equipment. We’ve noticed that one of the most common early game issues is moving, for example, so we hope that pointing new or returning players to useful teleporters and other unlocks will cut down on the time they spend making their way from one side of Gelenore to another!

Future sections may include Skills, Utility, and Miscellaneous, which will cover skills, energy, and teleports, as well as hints and mini-games, respectively. Does it cover all bases? We want to know! Share your thoughts on these categories through all the usual channels.

Old School RuneScape: Weekly Update [20.07.22] First time login

If you are selected to participate in A/B testing, you will see this popup the next time you log in:

Old School RuneScape: Weekly Update [20.07.22]

Please note that the popup will disappear automatically if you enter combat.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who got early access to the Activity Advisor, we’d love to hear your feedback on it. We are very committed to improving the experience for new and returning players, and every feedback helps!

Final Notes

Appropriate actions are based on a number of factors, not just the fastest path to account or XP progress. We want to help people find the activities they enjoy the most, and it doesn’t have to be the most effective content.

We also want to point out that players are encouraged to play the game the way they want. The Activity Advisor is just a tool for highlighting activities that people might enjoy, not a definitive path for players.

We’ll be discussing the Activity Advisor in more detail on our {LINK REMOVED} Twitch channel this Thursday (July 21st) at 10:00 AM PDT with Kieren, Squid, Daizong and Light Mods! Please feel free to use this form .to submit your questions about activity advisor or experience for new players!

Finally, the Activity Advisor is meant to complement the {LINK REMOVED} OS Wiki , not to replace it. We highly recommend reading their fantastic guides as you decide what to do next.

PvP Arena Feedback Changes
First, players can now customize the types of runes they bring into the PvP Arena using the Customize option in the Rune Pouch. Note, however, that the Spellbook interface will also display spells that require item-provided runes, such as fire runes provided by a tome of fire.

Faerdinen’s Bow has been removed from the Equipment Chest. Players have expressed concern that its power is out of proportion to other offerings such as the Zaryte Crossbow. We’ll keep a close eye on this change and will be happy to return if necessary, but we hope it becomes a little more balanced.

We’ve also added a button that allows you to copy enemy equipment in unranked duels.

In addition, the ELO system was disproportionately affecting players with a large rank gap, so we have changed the way we increase rating points in unequal battles. It means that:

  • Players who win against weaker opponents will receive fewer ranking points.
  • Players who lose to stronger opponents will lose fewer ranking points.
  • Players who win against stronger opponents will receive more ranking points.
  • Players who lose to weaker opponents will lose more ranking points.

What is the fan content policy?

Our Fan Content Policy is a clear, public guide to what you can and cannot do with our content as a fan of RuneScape or Old School RuneScape.

Why does it exist?

Encourage creativity by giving you transparency.

We have an amazing creative community and we want to empower you to create great things! To do this, we need to be clear about what is already allowed and under what circumstances you will need to apply for additional permission.

What does the Fan Content Policy apply to and who does it apply to?

The policy covers a range of issues, including YouTube content, music, fan art, fan fiction, and 3D/printing, as well as production of goods for sale, game creation, and third-party clients.

Other changes


  • Most Valuable Player is now broadcast at the end of every Nex fight.
  • The background color of the Theater of Blood Sliding Puzzle is now easier to distinguish from the Sliding Pieces.
  • Seed Box now displays its content in chat if installed, even if the UI is not left open. If it is open, the list will be displayed when the interface is closed, giving the most up-to-date status of the box. The message is filtered as spam.
  • The Fancy Stove in a player-owned house now has a “Cook” option that can be left-clicked. This becomes a right click option if there is a kettle on the stove as tea always comes first!
  • Lantus no longer appears in the world of the Dead, as he sometimes interfered with fights in his lobby.



                                                   Here’s How to Install the Game?

Follow All Steps Given

  1. Click on the “Download Game” button to start Installation.
  2. Download Installer (Note Down: Current Setup Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.


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