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Official details of The Last of Us Part I

Official details of The Last of Us Part I

Was Sony going to publish a video showing the features of The Last of Us remake for PS5 with little or no preparation? Hardly. But this decision is easy to understand: after a series of leaks that showed the project in a frankly unsightly light, the publisher urgently needed to launch a PR machine and try to convince people that what had been done on The Last of Us Part I was still worth its full-size AAA price tag. .

In the video below, Neil Druckman and his team talk about the improvements in graphics, lighting and animation, as well as the reworked AI of opponents and teammates. It’s strange, given Ellie’s frankly stupid behavior in the leaked video: either it is still taken from a very early version of the remake, or the advanced AI from The Last of Us Part II behaves in much the same way as the negligent PS3 AI from the original The Last of us. Let’s hope for the first one.

Also in The Last of Us Part I predictably brought a lot of additional features such as support for 3D audio, adaptive triggers and advanced Dualsense vibration, numerous “accessibility options”, the ability to view character models on dioramas, photo mode, permadeath mode and a timer for speedrunners . Graphically, players will be prompted to choose between stable 4K and 30 fps or stable 60 fps and floating 4K resolution (hopefully it won’t drop below 1440p).


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