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Now Bandai Namco says it’s working actively on fixing PC Souls

Now Bandai Namco says it's working actively on fixing PC Souls

Keep going week we provided details regarding what is happening that is created with the Dark Souls games on PC. Basically, the games have been disconnected since January, when a significant adventure was unveiled, and this was quickly trailed by the arrival of engineer FromSoft’s Elden Ring — by any measurement, the greatest title of the year up to this point.

While it’s justifiable that the engineer’s consideration has been somewhere else, this currently implies that the Souls games, truly outstanding and most compelling series of the last ten years, haven’t been working as expected on PC for around four months. Throughout composing the above article PCG reached distributor Bandai Namco on numerous occasions and didn’t get a reaction.

The worry about when and to be surely assuming the servers were truly returning has been developing. Presently, somebody at Bandai Namco support has conveyed the message Souls fans need to hear. Redditor Relevant_Heart_1751 reached the distributer to ask when they’d have the option to play their games once more, and got the accompanying reaction:

“I’m hitting you up concerning your request assuming the Dark Souls servers for the PC will be back on the web.

“I’m glad to affirm that the designers are effectively chipping away at settling the issue being referred to and yet again sending off the Dark Souls servers for PC as quickly as time permits. For the occasion, we don’t have a gauge of when this is supposed to occur.”

Well, that wasn’t really hard, was it. It by and by stays bewildering why the engineer and distributer have been so quiet regarding this issue, which has been delayed for a really long time. Elden Ring’s prosperity makes it reasonable that FromSoft’s underlying need was to help that exceptionally well-known, extremely new title as it welcomed a great many players. However, the games that caused Elden Ring conceivable to merit somewhat better compared to being left on the progression and overlooked.

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