Nioh 2 Update Version 1.05 Full Patch Notes for PS4

Nioh 2 Update Version 1.05 Full Patch Notes for PS4

Nioh 2 Update Version 1.05 Full Patch Notes for PS4

The PS4 version of Nioh 2 update 1.05 is available for download now. The full patch notes for this update are available here.

This update includes a variety of bug fixes on PS4 for the game. Get the full 1.05 patch notes for Nioh 2 update below.

Nioh 2 Update Version 1.05 Full Patch Notes for PS4

Ver 1.04 update 2020/03/19


  • Added the ability to easily increase the skill of other weapons if the skill of a certain weapon type is high
  • Relaxed “weapon proficiency” requirements for some training area missions
  • Reduces the strength of “Gaki” and reduces the power of specific attacks
  • Reduced the power of attacks with excessively high damage for the following enemies: “Youki” and “Saruoni”
    “Skebito” health increased
  • Adjusted the recommended level notation so that the recommended levels for some missions are appropriate

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the effects of the tsumoku were not reflected on the minimap
  • Fixed a rare issue where all enemies would stop firing
  • Fixed a bug where if you set up a battle with a sword, you could be relentless before the battle was completed
  • Fixed a bug where the attack would not hit if a strong attack was made when an attack was hit at the bottom of the sword
  • Fixed a bug where the hatchet throwing skill could not hit enemies in the permanent area
  • Fixed a bug that caused the sword skill “Zenigiri” to fall when used on a cliff
  • Fixed a bug that could trigger under certain circumstances even if the two-sword skill “Disturbed Slash” was not acquired
  • Fixed a bug where the mission would automatically end in rare cases if the host selected “Proceed” after clearing in multiplayer of the submission “Large Heaven”
  • Fixed a bug where the maximum amount of martial arts that could be earned in “Dedication” was not correctly reflected
  • Fixed a bug where the recipe book for “Kirei-no-kami-no-Bowl” could be obtained twice if the conditions were met.
  • Fixed a bug where the special effect of the soul charge, “Activating a monster with 0 physical strength (in the darkness)”, sometimes bends into the ground, etc.
  • Fixed a bug that the setting of “Rare character string” of “Online setting” may not be reflected.
  • Fixed a bug where the gauge of other players on the left side of the screen might disappear when the in-game health bar of the rare game was set to “Display if there is fluctuation” in “Online Settings”
    Other minor bug fixes

Nioh 2 is available now for PS4.

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