Nintendo Direct January 2020 LEAK: Major games news from switch exposed EARLY

Nintendo Direct January 2020 LEAK: Major games news from switch exposed EARLY

Nintendo Direct January 2020 LEAK: Major games news from switch exposed EARLY

NINTENDO DIRECT fans keep their fingers crossed for a January 2020 Direct, and one of the big upcoming Switch games announcements might have been leaked.Nintendo Direct January 2020, despite the recent Pokemon Direct, is still rumored to be on the cards. The House of Mario is believed to be able to hold its first full-fat Nintendo Direct of 2020 next week where some major Nintendo Switch news could drop.

We know that the next Nintendo Direct is likely to reveal news about who will come to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as the next Fighters Pass DLC character to be. And it looks like one of the other announcements of Switch titles that will be included in Nintendo Direct’s expected leak in January 2020.

Ninty could use their next Nintendo Direct to announce the release date for one of the year’s most critical Nintendo Switch titles. That title is the remake of the Xenoblade Chronicles, with a retailer appearing to have leaked the release date for the Switch game early. As revealed by GameXplain in a post on YouTube, the release date for the Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition may have been leaked by Danish retailer Cool Shop.

Nintendo Direct January 2020 leak – Major Switch games news revealed early (Image: NINTENDO)

The online store has listed the new Wii RPG remake as coming May 29, 2020. We haven’t heard anything about Monolift Soft’s new title since it was first announced at the Nintendo Direct in September 2019. That was Nintendo’s last Full-fat Direct. If Xenoblade launches in the first half of this year then evidence of this seems likely in the forthcoming Guide. And what better place to reveal the news than in the anticipated Nintendo Direct of January 2020, providing plenty of time for the game to create anticipation.

It is speculated that as early as Thursday, January 16, the next Nintendo Direct will take place. And some of the titles that could be announced in the rumored broadcast may have been given to fans of Nintendo Switch. Emily Rodgers, a notable leaker, has revealed that Nintendo plans to release at least two new Wii U ports on the Switch.Rodgers said the ports were “not hard to guess” with the list of Wii U games that didn’t get shorter and shorter at the Switch.

Where Nintendo could reveal these new Wii U ports remains to be seen, but a Direct appears to be a likely place for making the announcements. It remains to be seen what Wii U titles are ported to the Nintendo, but there are a few possibilities. The Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Xenoblade Chronicles X, The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD are among the Wii U games which have not yet been ported to the Switch.

Among the other games that have not yet been ported to the Switch are Nintendo Land and Wii Sports Club; A Wind Waker HD or Twilight Princess HD port will definitely go down with fans of Switch as they wait for the Wild 2’s Zelda Breath. The Wonderful 101 hit as would a port of cult classic and critically acclaimed Platinum Games. Some potential updates are the latest on Bayonetta 3 and Shin Megami Tensei V for the January 2020 Nintendo Direct.

After a long period of radio silence news about the new Switch games from Atlus and Platinum Games is starting to trickle through again.This flood of recent news could be a hint that these exclusive Switch fans are going to eventually get an update in a Direct, probably.

Nintendo Direct January 2020 LEAK: Major games news from switch exposed EARLY
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