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New World Guide: How to fish?

New World Guide: How to fish?

Find your rod and the best fishing spot Fishing

spots are circular areas with ripples and jumping fish. Each is designated as Wide (1 star), Rare (2 stars), or Secret (3 stars). Rarer fish have lower catch percentages and longer respawn times, but you’re much more likely to walk away with a rare and legendary catch. The fish varies by region.

How to Fish

Once you’ve got your rod, found the right spot, and prepared your bait, it’s time to score your catch. First press F3 to enter fishing mode. You will notice several options such as Cast and Equip Bait. Then press R to equip the bait depending on the type of water and the desired catch. Finally, hold down the left mouse button to cast the bait.

When casting, a small round indicator will appear on the vertical line. Release the left mouse button when the circle is at the top of the line to increase the casting distance. The farther the distance, the easier it is to catch fish.

The deeper the water, the less time you will have to wait. The bait also significantly reduces the waiting time. Press the left mouse button as soon as the fish starts to peck

Hold and release the left mouse button at the right time to successfully catch the fish. The round icon will expand and change color from green to orange to red. Release the button in succession when the icon turns orange for a faster catch. If you create too much tension and wait for the icon to turn red, you will miss the fish.

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