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New Trailer Packed with Hints of Modern Warfare 2!

New Trailer Packed with Hints of Modern Warfare 2!

Meet Farm 18

If we ask about the most popular maps of the Modern Warfare realm, I’m sure a few of you will name Shoothouse. Wanting to capture that old spirit once again with the renewed series, the Infinity Ward team explained the production process of Farm 18 with the tips they published on their official Twitter accounts. Farm 18 will be the “spiritual sequel” to Shoothouse.

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We watch lead map designer Geoff Smith give details on Farm 18 in the released hint footage . Expressing that they want to make a facility map like Shoothouse, Smith says that later on, the team came up with the idea of ​​a “hidden facility”. It was this idea that gave birth to Farm 18.

Just like the Shoothouse, Farm 18, which will offer the opportunity to fight in a narrow area, is surrounded by dense greenery. However, the team carried out special studies to ensure that these greens are not “obfuscated”. So in Farm 18, you will have no choice but to fight.

The highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2 will be out on October 28.


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