New Tomb Raider Game Details Leaked

New Tomb Raider Game Details Leaked

Wondering how the series will continue…

It looks like the details of the new Tomb Raider game have been revealed. Chances are, a similar situation with Nathan Drake can be experienced with Lara Croft. Of course, we will have to wait for the first details to be officially announced for this. The leaked details are here.

Tomb Raider, which is among the long-standing and popular brands, has been keeping its silence since 2018. The trilogy, the first ring of which went on sale in 2013 and our daughter Lara Croft evolved from a novice adventurer to an experienced tomb raider, ended with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We were wondering what was next for one of the most iconic characters in the game world.

During State of Unreal 2022 in April, the new game in development with Unreal Engine 5 was finally announced. No other official details have been given for the new Tomb Raider, where the limits of realism are pushed, and high-quality adventure experience and cinematic action are aimed to be presented.

What are the New Tomb Raider Game Details?

While wondering when the first details will be shared, interesting information was revealed during the Sacred Symbols broadcast, hosted by Colin Moriarty . Stating that some of the script text used by the voice actors has been received, Moriarty stated that the new game is being developed with the code name Jawbreaker.

After Shadow of the Tomb Raider, we will see an older and more experienced Lara Croft. Although a realistic structure will dominate, some fantastic elements will be included in the content and the importance of raiding tombs to protect ancient artifacts will be overlooked.

In the story part, it is said that the family problems in the last trilogy will be left behind. Lara Croft, our daughter will now be a celebrity and will try to cope with isolation and loneliness as a result of this. However, when a new world-changing disaster strikes, a new group of tomb raiders will also appear in the story, which he will have to seek for help.

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