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New Resident Evil Village The Mercenaries Additional Orders Details

New Resident Evil Village The Mercenaries Additional Orders Details

The game giant from Japan has appeared with the details of the new Resident Evil Village The Mercenaries Additional Orders . With these details, we learned more about the new characters we will be directing.

As you may remember, Resident Evil Village – Winters’ Expansion was announced during a presentation made by Capcom last month. The expansion pack, which will be available on October 28, 2022 and will also be available in the Gold version of the game, will also include a third-person perspective mode, Shadows of Rose, and Additional Orders for The Mercenaries.

The Mercenaries Additional Orders, which is the subject of our news, will also bring three new characters, including Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg and the advertising face of the game Alcina Dimitrescu, as well as the episodes Bloody Village and Bloody River.

What Are The Details Of The New Resident Evil Village The Mercenaries Additional Orders?

With the new share made by Capcom on the US PlayStation Blog, new details about the features of these characters have come to light. Judging by what was originally said by producer Tsuyoshi Kanda about Chris Redfield , our Onslaught Gauge will increase whenever we knock down any enemy while this character is directing. This meter will fill up faster when you straighten an enemy with a Straight Punch. When it reaches the maximum, we will be able to make a special move.

It is also said that in this mode, our character’s movement and reload speed and attack damage speed will increase greatly, and it will be possible to summon support with the optional Target Locator.

The second character , Karl Heisenberg , becomes one of the four lords of Mother Miranda, as you know. During gameplay, we can charge electricity by swinging the huge hammer and knocking it down. Afterwards, we can attack a large area by releasing all the accumulated energy.

You can also attract enemies close by activating the Magnetic Field. Some attacks could become stronger with this ability. On the other hand, you will be able to summon the Soldat Jet (which is one of the enemies we encounter in the facility) to the battlefield.

When playing with Lady Dimitrescu , we will be able to increase our character’s Thrill Gauge by attacking enemies or using Lady’s Lipstick. This will not only increase movement and nail attack damage, but also allow you to unlock new moves. When the meter is full, you will be able to summon the trio of Bella, Cassandra and Daniela for help, as well as the damage you inflict will reach its peak.

Finally, let’s say that both Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and Winters’ Expansion content are available for pre-order on Steam , PlayStation and Xbox stores as of today.


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