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New Programming Language from Google: “Carbon”

New Programming Language from Google: “Carbon”

Google, which has proven itself in the software field, especially with what it has revealed about Android, is on the agenda with an ambitious project. Making some statements as part of the Cpp North event , the Google developer team announced that they are preparing the company’s new software language, Carbon .

Some explanations were also made for the Carbon language, which is on the agenda to replace the C++ language and be considered as a successor.

Google Stable in Carbon Language

According to the statement made by Chandler Carruth from the developer team , this language is not focused on a new creation from scratch. As we said above, the goal is to create a successor to C++.

Although not all developments in the language have been completed yet, Carbon will be a much more effective programming language. In addition to being a more effective language in terms of performance, Carbon , which will eliminate the deficiencies in the C++ language, will also be compatible for existing C++ developers.

In other words, C++ developers will be able to easily switch to this new language. Because C++ and Carbon will work in full compatibility.

If you have libraries created in C++, it will be possible to convert them to Carbon very easily with the tool that will be published.

The language, which is said to be under development, is requested to be open source. Google has made it clear that the project should be an independent project run through communities. In other words, the support of the software developers was also requested.

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