New Half-Life Alyx Screenshots Show the Bad Guys

New Half-Life Alyx Screenshots Show the Bad Guys

New Half-Life Alyx Screenshots Show the Bad Guys

After last November’s Half-Life Alyx reveal, we finally see nine new game screenshots. Those screenshots were shared by Tyker McVicker, who runs the Valve News Network (VNN) on Youtube. Those screenshots Tyler got from his new Valve source. Naturally, Tyler chooses to keep the source anonymous and does not reveal the identity of the person.

The Half-Life series is largely published and developed by Valve Corporation. So far 3 games have been released; Half-Life, Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Although the previous games were first-person, action shooter titles, the new Half-Life is a first-person VR shooter game, set between the first 2 games.

You play as Alyx Vance in Half-Life Alyx, which prevents alien invasion of the earth, and saves humanity. Half-Life Alyx will be released in March 2020, not for free, and will be available on the PC platform for the very first time. Designer Greg Coomer told the game:

We are very focused on the initial release at the moment, with no concrete plans beyond that just yet.

The screenshots represent great fidelity to the graphics and I’d have to say I’m really impressed. Also, the images don’t provide any story-related spoilers so you can enjoy the beauty of Half-Life as much as you can. One of the pictures was cropped before handed out to Tyler because it had some game-related spoilers.

One interesting bit to note here is that the enemies ‘ design has subsequently changed since Half-life Alyx’s last reveal. In the screenshot we can observe that there are two juniors and one senior officer who arrest the main character Alyx. In one screenshot, we can see a zombie with headcrab removed, his belly wide open, and blood streaming from his skulls down to the lower body.

In my opinion, lending out the screenshots was fair enough to enable the public to learn more about the upcoming release of the game, while Valve Corporation was clever enough not to spoil the story of the game and keep it a mystery.

Although many fans wanted the next Half Life to be Half Life 3, Half-Life Alyx has some promise to offer. Enthusiasts of virtual reality are definitely excited about it and I’m sure fans will eventually try it out.

New Half-Life Alyx Screenshots Show the Bad Guys
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