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NBA 2K23 Release Date Announced!

NBA 2K23 Release Date Announced!

The expected moment has come for the NBA 2K series, which we can definitely show as the flagship production in basketball games. The new game of the series, NBA 2K23, has been announced. We saw that the special version was featured in the first announcement.

Some information has also been given for this special version, which will be called the NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition . It has also been announced when the game will be released.

NBA 2K23 Coming September 9th

According to the information announced, the game will be released on September 9, 2022 for PC, Xbox and PS platforms.

The Michael Jordan Edition and Championship Edition of the game will feature Michael Jordan as the cover star. The Championship Edition version, in which the famous name will appear on the cover, will be the version that draws attention.

It was also announced that those who prefer this limited edition version will be given a 12-month NBA League Pass membership.

Except for two special editions, we do not know who will be on the cover of the standard version at the moment.

More information about the game is expected to be announced with an additional event on July 7 . For now, all we know about the Michael Jordan version is that this version will have The Jordan Challenge episode.

With the episode in question, players will be able to recreate the 15 most important moments in the career of the legendary star. I think it will be an interesting experience for basketball lovers.

For details such as the price of the game and pre-order statuses, we will have to wait a little longer. More information will be provided at the launch event tomorrow.

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