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MultiVersus: Beginner’s Guide

MultiVersus: Beginner's Guide

MultiVersus is a free-to-play fighting game in which you will fight against various famous characters from Warner Bros such as Batman, Superman or Tom and Jerry. The game was developed by Player First Games studio. The game has solo and duo modes, so battles can also be focused on cooperation between two players.

Test the characters in the lab

This is the first and most important tip not only in this game, but in most fighting games. Before going into battle with bots or real players, test the character you want to play. Thanks to this, you will learn about what attacks they have and what they are best suited for. You will also train your muscle memory so you won’t have trouble remembering which attack works.

Even if you’re not going to pick a specific character, it’s worth playing them for a while to see what they’re capable of. Thanks to this, you will know what their strengths and weaknesses are, or how to work with such a character.

Check out the move lists

Speaking of the list of moves, you can check it in many ways. The best solution is to read it while checking your moves in The Lab to train your muscle memory. However, you can also read about this move when choosing a character while waiting in the lobby. Remember that often the same movement on the ground can work differently in the air!

Complete all missions in the tutorial!

Each player must complete a basic tutorial, but this does not guarantee that you will understand all the game mechanics. These missions are short and they do a good job of explaining things like dodge, elements, armor, or even aerial combat.

Cancel attacks

Many characters have charged attacks which, while dealing quite a lot of damage, are slow and clearly telegraphed. It is worth canceling your attacks. So when you are close to an enemy and then charge up your attack, you can cancel it by dodging. It can be done standing still, in the air, or on your side. Thanks to this, you will not carry out an attack. Instead, you will surprise the enemy by moving closer or further away from him.

Watch the weight of the characters

This may surprise new players. If you choose a lighter character, it will be much easier to throw you in the air, especially with a damage counter above 100. For example, the Iron Giant has a weight of 150, and Harley Quinn has 42. However, the heavier the character, the more difficult it is for him to fly high into the air, so down attacks are a much better solution against heavy heroes.

Control your character as you get launched into the air

When your opponent knocks you into the air and your damage meter is high, you will be unable to control your character to return to the arena for a while. However, you can choose the direction in which you will move. If you’re expecting to be launched up, remember to hold the down button before you’re launched for a chance to fall faster.

Use dodge even during your opponent’s combos

Many attacks have automatic combos, for example Superman can perform multiple punch attacks. While the first hits will hit you, the next ones won’t necessarily hit – you can get out of the opponent’s combo by dodging to the side and punish the enemy.

Deal a lot of damage – including with support characters

In a game like MultiVersus, you need to slightly change the approach to the roles that are available to each character. For example, Raindog is a character marked as Support. However, this does not mean that he cannot take an active part in the battle and inflict great damage. The point is rather that a character like Reindog has the tools to support a comrade in battle. With this character, you can, for example, connect with a companion and pull him to you in a critical situation.

Watch your skill cooldown bar

Many tricks have a cooldown. This means you won’t be able to use the skill again unless the bar is fully recharged. These bars are located below your hero’s damage meter.

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