Game Updates

Motor Town: Update 0.6.8

Motor Town: Update 0.6.8

The new VehicleMammoth, a luxury SUV, has been added to a dealership near downtown Seo-Gui-Po
– powered by a 400hp V12 engine.

Added Liliput, 11 seater mini bus
. You can open the door and go into the passenger area

. Added pizza delivery east from Seo-Gui-Po. Now you can deliver pizza! Just like Burgers.
You can stack pizza in the cargo area!

Steam Achievements Added number of own vehicles and Odometer achievements, more will be added in future updates!

Bus Upgrade * Owner’s Profit Sharing is now applied to the bus
* Timeliness bonus added
– You start with a pre-arranged schedule
– If you arrive at the exact time, you get a bonus
– If you miss a time, the schedule will change slightly according to your new time
– This means that if you continue at the same pace, you will continue to receive a bonus
* Comfort bonus

added Added ​New hotkey HotkeyToggle Auto-Shift (Alt+A by default. Thanks Thomas)

Improved/Changed [AI] Increased AI car turning speed at intersection (thanks 8Sh1t) [
place (Thanks 8Sh1t)
[Scooty] Skooty no longer falls when standing still, even if the parking brake is not applied [Scooty] Scooty ‘s variator
redesigned (thanks Alice Margatroid)
[Scooty] Biker character leans more actively (Thanks to Alice Margatroid)
[Scooty] Scooty’s headlight now rotates with the steering wheel (Thanks to Paulo Roberto)
[Scooty] Scooty’s default profit share changed from 0% to 20% (Thanks to Reddington)
[Police] Bad guys spawn rate increased (Thanks to FR13ND5)
[Vehicle] Center LSD added to Mammoth (Thanks to 8Sh1t)
[Vehicle] Default Raton engine changed to new V12 400HP (Thanks to Mr. Sandman)
[Vehicle] V12 400HP engine displacement increased (thanks to scailman)
[Bus] Default bus schedule has increased stop time (thanks to scailman)
[Bus] Schedule timer doesn’t start until first stop (thanks to majored1)
[UI] Total payment amount shown after dropping cargo (thanks to Reddington)
[Cargo] Increased supply delivery locations for premium burgers and signature pizza
[Cargo] Added warning message about dropping cargo (sand, trash) in the wrong place (thanks to We The People and NorthHopper)

Bug fixed [XP] Work experience calculation has been changed bugs on some vehicles (thanks Eric)
[XP] Owner profit share increased XP (thanks Eric)
[Control] Failed to switch Scooty CVT with H-Shifter ( thanks Gummy)
[Control] Steering right with controller during chat close chat input window (thanks Fusi0n)
[Vehicle] Trailer rotation has been randomly shifted (thanks to AndrewHales, Raging Raider, Hanzer, 8O8_pouria_8O8 and AndyF4yCZ)
[Vehicle] Parking brake was disengaged when a customer’s driver entered the vehicle in multiplayer game (Thanks to Krupka)
[Vehicle] Exhaust Coma’s pipe was painted in body color (Thanks to DarkFox49)
[Vehicle] Bora’s side mirror size was different (Thanks to Fluxsake)
[Vehicle] Lilliput’s LED display didn’t work (Thanks to scailman)
[Vehicle] Lilliput passenger’s arms stick out of windows ( Thanks to scailman) scailman)
[Vehicle] Liliput windshield tint was too strong on the inside
[Vehicle] Trailer mesh was too short (Thanks majored1)
[Vehicle] Trailer physics explode after it leaves it in the distance and returns (Thanks Chevy 🇦🇺 and majored1)
[Vehicle] Taxi sign remains visible after preview in the garage while the limo license is installed (Thanks Paulo Roberto)
[Vehicle] When a large vehicle appears next to a small vehicle, the interaction highlight gets stuck (thanks Chevy 🇦🇺)
[Cargo] Large cargo delivery removed from the modern dealership ( thanks to Tigros and Kain)
[Cargo] Unable to put a small cargo in Stella. trunk manually (thanks majored1)
[Load] Installed cargo platform in multiplayer didn’t work until session was restarted (Thanks Fouss_8 and Fusi0n)
[Delivery] Removed furniture delivery to resident inside building (Thanks AndrewHales)
[Bus ] Last bus stop not recovering after reconnecting to new multiplayer session (thanks Mr .Sandman and majored1)
[World] Distant object appears and disappears after loading (thanks 8Sh1t and Reddington)
[Navigation] AI driving on a strange route at an intersection in the city center (thanks Paulo Roberto)
[Character] Character animation stops after leaving the car ( thanks NorthHopper)
[Character] Character randomly gets stuck on the pushing animation even after getting into the car (thanks Smiff)
[Item] Canister can be empty next to the trailer (Thanks to Chevy)
[UI] The modern dealership didn’t have an icon on the map
[UI] Random message “Failed to tow” on startup (Thanks to ffsbudman)
[UI] Work vehicle marker flashed randomly
[UI] Destination navigation was not immediately updated on the world map during singleplayer (thanks to Reddington)
[UI] Scaling the UI may cause the player to overlap with the minimap (thanks to Chromatose)
[UI] Some interaction field was visible from far away (Thanks 8Sh1t)
[UI] Furniture Factory delivery marker was too high (Thanks BuhMann)



                                                    Here’s How to Install the Game?

Follow All Steps Given

  1. Click on the “Download Game” button to start Installation.
  2. Download Installer (Note Down: Current Setup Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.


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