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Monthly EA Play Subscription Back on Sale!

Monthly EA Play Subscription Back on Sale!

An opportunity like this doesn’t always come…

Electronic Arts offers gamers an unmissable new opportunity. A big discount was made again for the monthly EA Play subscription and it fell to a price of 8 TL . An opportunity like this isn’t always available if you haven’t tried the service yet. We recommend that you do not miss it. Details are here.

EA Play is a good alternative to the subscription services offered to players by Electronic Arts. Essentially, it was previously split into PC and consoles as EA Access and Origin Access. However, the American publisher had united the two sides under the umbrella of EA Play with the announcement it made in August 2020. Origin Access Premier, on the other hand, was called EA Play Pro.

In the service, where there is no difference in terms of both the operation and the opportunities offered, besides the opportunity to try the games published by Electronic Arts early, the advantages such as exclusive content for subscribers, 10% discount on all kinds of purchases and a free game library that expands over time continue. There are also benefits such as special in-game challenges and monthly rewards for selected games.

Monthly EA Play Subscription Back on Sale!

If you have not tried the EA Play subscription service before, you can get a monthly subscription for 8 TL at a discount until August 4, 2022 . When the renewal time comes, you will have to pay 39.99 TL. In this process, you will be able to play the games of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Titanfall 2, It Takes Two, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, DIRT 5, Battlefield, Dead Space, Dragon Age, Need for Speed ​​and Star Wars series and more.

How did you find this opportunity offered by Electronic Arts? Considering trying the subscription service? Do not forget to share your thoughts with us.

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