Mojang Bans NFTs in Minecraft – Crypto Investors Take $75 Million in Losses

Creepers yes, crypto no.

The world is divided into two sides. One flatly denies the usefulness of the ill-fated tokens; the other promotes them: builds virtual cities, trades in art objects, talks about the reinvention of video games.

Mojang has chosen its position. NFTs and blockchain go against the grain of Minecraft , ruining community relationships and disrupting healthy gameplay by replacing it with a speculative exchange with artificial scarcity.

And the essence of Minecraft is this: all content should be available to all users. No exclusivity, even if this is the only way to thank the creators for their work and efforts. The developers even prepared to follow the development of the blockchain and issue new bans according to the situation.

The developers of NFT-Worlds were the first to get hit in the balls. The value of their tokens fell by 80%, more than $75 million went down the drain. Probably, the losses are much higher – it is impossible to keep track of all Minecraft crypto projects.

The situation is as follows: Valve opposed the NFT, Epic does not deal with crypto. Microsoft’s position is now also clear.


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