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MIR4: Update [09.08.22]

MIR4: Update [09.08.22]

 1. Update of the Altar of Darkness 2. New stage: Secret Peak 8E, Magic Square 8E 3. New Boss Raid: Illusive Ghost 4. New Spirit: Alluring Ghost Cat Lulu =============== ========== [Aug 9 Patch Note Details] ◈In-Game Updates◈ ■ Altar of Darkness

Although the Altar of Darkness has led to war with the natives against expedition members, it will now be updated to expand to include internal conflicts on a server between the clan of the valley owners and the ruling clan of Bichon Castle against their opponents.

MIR4: Update [09.08.22]

● The Altar of Darkness will be upgraded.
Category Before change After change Schedule Every 21:00-22:00 (UTC+8) Every Thursday 22:00-23:00 (Regional Server Time) Owner None Valley Owner Clan members Protection: Natives
Attack: Expedition Members Defense: Altar Owner Clan (Valley Owner Clan) and their allies
Attack: Any Natives or Expeditions not associated with the Altar of Protection Valley Name + Dark Altar Clan Name + Dark Altar Requirement to restore Altar HP When one or more Native members are in the Altar of Darkness Restoration Circle When one or more members of the Valley Owners Clan are in the Altar of Darkness Restoration Circle Result On Destroy:
Dark Steel Mining -20% in the Valley On Destroy:
Reduce Dark Steel tax rate to 7% from 15%
Decrease in Beecheon Castle Dark Steel Valley tax rate to 5% from 10% Protection lasts for 3 days 4 weeks (28 days)※ The ruling clan of Bicheon Castle must request an alliance with the Valley Owner’s Clan in order to participate as a protector. If they are not allies, they will be identified as enemies and can attack the Altar of Darkness.
※ The penalty to the tax rate remains until the next Dark
Altar of the Altar is regenerated, regardless of whether the clan that owns the Valley changes.) Darkness[/url]] for more information. ■ Portal ● 8F will be added to the portal. – Secret Peak and Magic Square 8F will be added (expedition available). ● Magic Square 8F – Power requirement: 112,400 – Monster level: 130~145
● Secret Peak 8F
– Power requirement: 118,000
– Monster level: 135~145

● Expedition missions for 8F will be added.
-1 Expedition Mission in Magic Square
-7 Expedition Mission in Secret Peak

■ Boss Raid
● A new Boss Raid “Phantom Ghost” will be added.
– Boss level: 150
– Required power: 113,000

MIR4: Update [09.08.22]

■ Spirit
● The legendary forest spirit “Charming Ghost Cat Lulu” will be added.

– Passive bonus after summoning: 40 Spell DEF

MIR4: Update [09.08.22]

■ Clan Shop
● Mystic Stones and Dark Stones can be purchased from the clan shop after capturing the Hidden Valley.
– Previously: Mystic Stones could be registered and purchased by occupying Bicheon or Red Moon Valley. Darkened Stones can be registered and purchased by occupying the Snake Pit Valley.
-After: Mystical and Stones. Darkened Stones can be registered and purchased by occupying any Hidden Valley.

■ Game bug fixes and gameplay improvements
2. Fixed a bug that caused the Conquest Tutorial to be unavailable.
3. Adjustment of the drop rate of rare snow panaxes and oils in the wedding vow puzzle.
4. Fixed irregular name disclosure of NPC Raid Token Trader.
5. Fixed unavailability of some queries.
6. The maximum number of enchant repetitions in auto-enchant mode will be changed from 100 to 999.



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  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.


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