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Microsoft Thinks It Wouldn’t Be Profitable To Make Call Of Duty Xbox Exclusive

Microsoft Thinks It Wouldn't Be Profitable To Make Call Of Duty Xbox Exclusive

The game will continue to be multiplatform

Microsoft once again announced its views on the future of Call of Duty, Activision’s most profitable and popular series, and said that Call of Duty will continue to be multiplatform if the Activision Blizzard acquisition is completed.

In the document they sent to Brazil’s Economic Defense Management Council regarding the purchase, it is underlined that the concerns that Call of Duty will not be released for PlayStation are unfounded and that such a move will not be profitable for Microsoft.

“Despite Sony’s criticism of exclusive content for years, whose strategy is based on the exclusiveness of PlayStation games, the reality is that the strategy of preventing Activision Blizzard games from being released to competing consoles will not be a profitable strategy for Microsoft.” says in the document.

In the continuation of the document, the requirements for such a strategy to be profitable are listed, and it is mentioned that if Activision Blizzard games are exclusive, the number of players that will join the Xbox ecosystem will not be enough to bring profitability. It is also said that the income to be obtained from the sale of these games on other consoles will be much more than the exclusive situation.

In fact, Phil Spencer has made it clear in his previous statement that he has no intention of moving Call of Duty away from PlayStation platforms. The Call of Duty series is among the most popular games of PlayStation; Vanguard and Black Ops Cold War were PlayStation’s first and third best-selling titles in the US.

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