Microsoft is testing Discord voice chat on Xbox

Microsoft is testing Discord voice chat on Xbox

The Xbox console will be able to make calls through Discord. The software trial is now available through the Xbox Insider Program.

Discord has gained its popularity as a voice messenger for gamers. However, over time it has undergone a slight renovation and is now a more versatile meeting place. Until now, it was only available on PC and smartphones. However, Microsoft is announcing changes – the Xbox console should receive support for voice communication via Discord.

Discord on Xbox console

Discord voice calls are available to members of the Xbox Insider program on early test versions of the console software. Insiders may see the message “Try Discord Voice on Xbox today!” tab on the side of the screen.

Unfortunately, this is not the full version of the Xbox Discord app yet, and its features are severely limited compared to the PC version. To work, you need a smartphone with a mobile version and the Xbox app installed. However, voice integration with the Discord network can provide contact between players from different platforms.

In February this year, Sony took a small step towards Discord by allowing you to link your instant messaging account to your PlayStation Network profile. However, this option only serves to inform players about the running game and does not allow communication. The integration of Discord’s voice features with the Xbox console will be the first manifestation of the multi-platform capabilities of the communicator.

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