MEPCO Jobs 2022 - Latest Multan Electric Power Company Job Openings
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MEPCO Jobs 2022 – Latest Multan Electric Power Company Job Openings

Multan Electric Power Organization (MEPCO Careers 2022) has made an announcement via an internet-based Occupation Gateway Underneath, official promotion should be displayed. MEPCO’s objective is to provide a dependable and safe electric power supply to its customers under its scope. Experts who are highly qualified, active, and experienced are encouraged to apply from all around Pakistan.

Multan Electric Power Organization (MEPCO Careers 2022) dates back to 1979 when the main 220kV Transmission Line was assigned from Karachi to Multan and has been the country’s sole controlled power circulation organization since 200. MEPCO sought after a period of ground-breaking changes in the power sector, which transformed the country’s power sector elements with authorized transmission lines of 220kV and 400kV voltage levels and advanced the utilization of sustainable power hotspots for power age.

MEC expects to be a widely and globally perceived organization and is currently working on a three-year circle-back plan as part of its Well defined Plan 2020. MEC is expected to audit the arrangement and implement Masterful Arrangement 2020 as soon as possible. Multan Electric Power Organization MEPCO Occupations is one of Pakistan’s largest power producers, with four primary plants producing over 4000MW of force.

The organization was founded in 1989 to provide persons with solid capacity. MEPCO Careers 2022 first opened its doors to the public in 2005, and it now has a 75 million-square-foot plot of land that houses the administrative center, high and low-voltage substations, and the four primary power plants. The organization’s name was changed from Multan Electric Power Organization Restricted to MEPCO Careers 2022 after it became a public corporation. The organization provides the capacity to Karachi as well as various districts throughout Pakistan.

Multan Electric Power Company, often known as MP Power, is a 200-year-old electric power organization. The company provides around 5000 megawatts of power, which is enough to service over 1,000,000 people. They are always changing their frameworks to incorporate new offices in order to provide the greatest administration for their consumers. The group is working hard to provide electricity to everyone in Pakistan.

They have begun to introduce solar energy in various parts of the country. They are also working on a project that would provide high-quality electricity services to the metropolis of Karachi. MP Energy has received several awards and has continually expanded its benefits due to the nature of the administration they provide.

Pakistan is now experiencing a severe power outage. Throughout recent years, the country has suffered from a lack of power. Multan Electric Power Organization has just sent out another push to help with the shortage. According to Head Supervisor Muhammad Tufail, “the public authority is focused on addressing the necessities of the nation’s developing populace, and growing the power supply to meet the need.”

For this plan to be productive, the private sector must approach and invest more in strengthening the country’s basis.” This new initiative is meant to help with the country’s lack of power. The new initiative is made up of agreements signed by the corporate sector and the government.

Pakistan is a country with enormous potential, and the significance of power in the twenty-first century is just too spectacular to be neglected. Multan is a city in the Punjab area. The city has a population of around 3 million people and is Pakistan’s fifth-largest city. This population is vulnerable to a variety of infections, including diarrhea, cholera, the flu, typhoid fever, and intestinal illness.

The ecological risk factor is also unusually high near here, with the air quality index hovering over 170,000. Regions with this file level are considered hazardous to people’s health. MEPCO Occupations is resolving these major issues by granting power to this city and its surrounding region.

Certain people believe that MEPCO Careers 2022 is the finest source of available employment in Pakistan. There is an explanation behind this. The company is one of the largest public-service organizations in the country, employing about 14,000 people. Assuming you are considering a position with the organization, there is detailed information on the site on how to apply for opportunities.

Qualification Requirements:

  • Applications that are incomplete in any way or sent after the deadline will not be considered.
  • At the time of the interview, competitors will be asked to generate all unique records. Mepco has the option to keep or drop the entire enrollment process at any time and without explanation.
  • Only applicants who have been shortlisted will be allowed to participate in the meeting’s choice interaction.
  • There will be no TA/DA for the meeting/decision process.

How to Apply for MEPCO Jobs in 2022

  1. Applicants should apply directly online at
  2. Applicants must submit an application structure along with their CV, passport size, reports, and instructional records to the Chief General (HR and Admin), MEPCO H/Qs, Khanewal Street, Multan.
  3. Only those applicants who have been shortlisted will be contacted for an interview.
  4. The deadline for applying for MEPCO positions is May 9, 2022.
MEPCO Jobs 2022 – Latest Multan Electric Power Company Job Openings

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