Marvel’s Avengers have been postponed for several months

Marvel’s Avengers have been postponed for several months

Marvel’s Avengers have been postponed for several months

Crystal Dynamics requires extra development time to provide fans with the “true Avengers gaming experience.” The company has therefore decided to delay several months in publishing Marvel’s Avengers. The original aim of the game was to launch on May 15th, 2020. The new release date is now scheduled for September 4, 2020-a delay of almost four months.

Studio co-heads Scot Amos and Ron Rosenberg noted in an open letter addressed to the fans that the decision to delay the game was a difficult but necessary one. Crystal Dynamics is committed to delivering a refined and original product and Marvel’s Avengers must stick to the high standards that fans expect and deserve in this light. Why the delay, then.

We committed to delivering an original story-driven campaign, engaging co-op, and compelling content for years to come. To that end, we will spend this additional development time focusing on fine tuning and polishing the game to the high standards our fans expect and deserve.

Marvel’s Avengers will have anywhere between ten and twelve hours of campaign time. Spending time in discovery and side missions (and a bit of grinding) will add around twenty hours but the main plot within the same constraints can be completed.

Players must hit several junctions during the campaign, where the actions they take will greatly impact the overall plot. What that means is Marvel’s Avengers will also have alternate endings. The consequences of certain acts will be seen almost instantly while others will grow through evolution.

In reality, Marvel’s Avengers really doesn’t have an ending, at least not in the traditional way. Crystal Dynamics plans to expand the main storyline through post-release expansion packs on an ongoing basis, indicating that some decisions taken in the base experience will likely be able to continue.

Crystal Dynamics has repeatedly pointed out that while Marvel’s Avengers appears at first glance to be simple and straightforward, there’s enough scope for players to explore. -superhero has benefits, and is ideal for specific situations. Part of the experience is to test the best builds and compositions among the playable roster.

Marvel’s Avengers have been postponed for several months
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