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Logitech G Introduces New Aurora Collection

Logitech G Introduces New Aurora Collection

New products for gamers are coming…

Founded in 1981, Swiss origin Logitech has been one of the most preferred companies in computer peripherals and software since 1981. Logitech G , one of the brands within the company, which also has offices in Europe, Asia and Oceania, introduced its new Aurora collection. Details are here.

Logitech G New Aurora Collection Products

Logitech G, which designs products to improve the experience of gamers and add a different dimension to the game world, brings the new Aurora collection together with gamers. New collection; It consists of G735 wireless gaming headset, G715 wireless gaming keyboard, G713 gaming keyboard, G705 wireless gaming mouse and eight special accessories. The new collection appeals to all gamers looking for a new experience as well as meeting the needs and expectations of female players. The Aurora collection, which has its own aesthetic and design, also allows personalization with special accessories and color options.

Featuring advanced gaming-grade technologies like Logitech G’s LIGHTSPEED high-performance wireless technology and Blue VO!CE microphone, the Aurora collection offers the advanced feature set all gamers have been waiting for.

The game world is breaking out of its patterns

Stating that they are working to change the dynamics of the gaming industry, Logitech G Gaming Unit General Manager and Vice President Ujesh Desai said, “As Logitech G, we are working to get the game world out of its mold and exceed the limits. While we allow users to express themselves, we also allow all players to reflect their own style. We replace narrow molds and borders with our innovative product range. Our products, which enable everyone to experience the game to the fullest, are at the forefront of our commitments to our users. We support this commitment with our new Aurora collection.” said.

Designed based on the experiences of female players

The Aurora collection was developed based on feedback from women who play. The collection was brought to life by a team of mainly female innovation, design, engineering and marketing leaders within Logitech. It was aimed to meet the gaming experience needs of an under-represented segment of gamers and redesign the future of gaming. The Aurora collection was brought to life based on three design processes:

Comfort: During the design phase, criteria such as longer hair, glasses, earrings and smaller hand sizes were considered by the team. To support longer gaming sessions, the products are equipped with different materials and coatings that are light and soft to the touch.

Accessibility: Soft tones, translucent materials and ready-to-use soothing lighting materials are used in the products in order to make better use of the surrounding opportunity spaces, while the typical sharp edge design, black color paths are kept at a minimal level.

Player experience: The collection, which allows for personalization, enables unique experiences by using Pink Dawn and Green Flash accessories. Gamers can showcase their creative side with thousands of customizable lighting combinations in G HUB, which features “Aurora Collection” lighting called Play Moods.

Tiffany Beers, Head of Gaming Innovation at Logitech G, who mentioned that the creation of a collection of gaming equipment for women came about with an understanding of putting aside old ideas, made the following statements in her statement: “As we set out to design primarily for women who play, we not only achieved this, we went beyond gender and stereotypes. we’ve created a collection that we hope will be meaningful to an even wider audience. We are excited about the Aurora collection and everything it represents.”

Aurora Collection:

  • G735 Wireless Gaming Headset: Featuring a White Mist coating, ethereal RGB lighting and dual on-ear audio mixing, the G735 is a versatile option for any gamer. The G735 features new Blue VO!CE microphone technology to modulate a gamer’s voice and has the ability to save preferred audio settings in the G Hub and directly to the headset. The G735 wireless gaming headset also maximizes comfort for all gamers and is ideal for smaller head sizes. Gamers can enjoy long gaming sessions with over 56 hours of battery life (without lighting) and experience wireless freedom via Logitech G’s award-winning LIGHTSPEED wireless technology and Bluetooth® connectivity.
  • G715 and G713 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards: The G715 wireless gaming keyboard and G713 gaming keyboard offer high key performance and low key vibrations so gamers can express themselves and play the way they want. Compact, keyless fit and adjustable height provide all-day comfort. It can be used anywhere with a rechargeable battery that offers 25 hours of uninterrupted gameplay and LIGHTSPEED wireless or Bluetooth® connection.
  • G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse: G705 wireless gaming mouse is specially produced for smaller hands with its compact contoured structure and advanced gaming technology. At only 85 grams, the G705 is designed for long gaming, comfort and performance. Gamers can achieve their best with a gaming-grade sensor, ultra-responsive LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, or an easy-to-access DPI loop with Bluetooth® connectivity.

Accessories: The collection includes eight new accessories, including options such as cloud palm rest, cable charm and heart-shaped carrying case. Other accessories include earpads and microphones, G713 and G715 keyboard top plates, key puller and brush, and mouse pads for gamers to customize their gaming style.

As with all gamer products, the entire Aurora collection is certified carbon neutral. In this way, investments are made in high quality certified carbon offsets to reduce the carbon impact of the product to zero. The products come from post-consumer recycled parts and the paper packaging comes from FSCTM certified forests. You can visit the website for more information about sustainability studies.

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