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Last Of Us TV Show Henry And Sam Found His Brothers

Last Of Us TV Show Henry And Sam Found His Brothers

The story of the two brothers will be changed

Sony ‘s bringing PlayStation games to the screen has great potential. Although the first leg of this project, Uncharted , did not fully deliver what was expected on the big screen , the situation changes when HBO is involved. The studio, which entrusted The Last of Us to Craig Mazin , the creator of Chernobyl , has proven that it has made the right decision from every news and image from the series so far. As the TLOU series continues its preparations, its cast is expanding. The last to join the team was Henry and Sam from the story of the double game . 

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First, IGN reported that Lamar Johnson will play Henry in the series . Her Sam is Keivonn Woodard. The two brothers were found by Joel and Ellie in the city of Pittsburgh in the game’s original story . Later, the team, who acted together to escape from the city together, was the scene of one of the most iconic moments of the game. The HBO adaptation, on the other hand, made a change in the story. In the series, Sam and Henry will take place in the city of Kansas this time and will appear as they hide from a revolutionary movement seeking revenge. 

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Of course, after this change, I think Ellie and Joel will run away from Kansas instead of Pittsburgh. Because I do not think that one of the most striking points in the story of the game will be changed. The tragic farewell of this brother-sister duo still preserves its place in the memories as a painful memory of the players. These days, where expectations are increasing, the HBO front has not yet announced a release date for the Last of Us series. 

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