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Last Oasis devs say game sucks and needs to be redone

Last Oasis devs say game sucks and needs to be redone

We knew this even without them.

Last Oasis is the biggest disappointment of 2020. A promising idea with kinetic walkers turned out to be ill-conceived, dry, dead. Nomadic fortresses are beautiful, but the game did not offer more.

At some point, the developers at the Donkey Crew studio posted a bold announcement . There they shared their thoughts on the progress of the game: a huge amount of work has been done, many bugs and problems have been fixed. But even the developers themselves are not interested in playing Last Oasis .

So they decided to completely flip the concept. Do you like mobile homes? They will be replaced by full-fledged stationary outposts. Liked to attack other players? The game will switch to PvE with world bosses.

Last Oasiswaiting for a complete redesign of the entire project. So capital that it is more logical to throw junk and release a new game. But the developers have already released the first phase along with the start of the game’s 5th season.

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