Larian added 3 gnomes and bards to Baldur’s Gate

Larian added 3 gnomes and bards to Baldur's Gate

Bards can tell such nasty things that enemies refuse to fight.

Larian has already released the 8th patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 . The studio again shook up the whole game, without adding a fresh plot or completely new content – it only opened the game people of the dwarves and introduced another class – bards.

Bards have two specializations open: the College of Knowledge and the College of Valor. The first specialization undermines the morale of enemies with combat wit and reinforces a strong word with a dangerous spell, the second sings decent songs for allies and knows how to deftly handle weapons. Also, bards just sing and earn money if they have enough skill.

And gnomes. What about gnomes? Sociable rock gnomes, unsociable forest gnomes, and sullen deep gnomes. All cunning and smart, with new dialogue reactions and selectable as a playable character.

There is little content, but Larian again shook up the whole game: it added a lot of new animations, corrected lighting and interfaces, improved AI and added various atmospheric things, like muffled sounds from behind doors. It also added support for Nvidia DLAA and tweaked the network code so that players with slower connections experience less difficulty.

The full description of the patch is published on Steam.


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