Jump Force Update 1.19 Is Live

Jump Force Update 1.19 Is Live

Jump Force Update 1.19 Is Live

Update 1.19 was provided by Jump Force. Now you can download Jump Force Update 1.19 on PS4, Xbox One, and Mac. You will find that Jump Force Update 1.19 is a tiny update that mostly enhances the performance of the overall game. What stands out is that new missions have been added to the Mission Counter.

Jump Force is a 3D fighting and action game based on the popular Japanese magazine Shonen Jump, which has its main attraction of providing a fusion of anime and manga characters and universes. It is Japan’s most popular magazine and the birthplace of history’s most important series like Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece or Death Note. Below is a complete list of patch notes for Jump Force Patch 1.19.

  • Added missions at Mission Counter.
  • Improved game stability.

In other news, near the launch of Jump Force, Spike Chunsoft and Bandai Namco revealed that in the months after its release, the fighting game would receive more opponents. Toshihiro Hitsugaya and Madara Uchiha were among the last characters to be part of the Character Pass.

If you expected to play with any of these two characters, we’ve got good news because you can do that already. Bandai Namco confirmed this through a video you can see below.

You will know that you only need the Character Pass if you want to explore all your abilities and put your hands on them. These two characters are now available in case you don’t know. Take note for future characters: If you have the Character Pass, you can play with new characters a few days before the public is officially released.

Jump Force Update 1.19 Is Live
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