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Jordan Challenge Mode Returns with NBA 2K23

Jordan Challenge Mode Returns with NBA 2K23

Scenes from Michael Jordan’s career…

NBA 2K23 promotions continue at full speed. Our agenda this time is the “Jordan Challenge” mode, which is making a comeback after a long break. The mode in NBA 2K11 returns with 5 new episodes:

In the Jordan Challenge game mode, we will be able to experience 15 key moments in Michael Jordan’s career, from his college days to the 1998 finals. Among these tasks, the videos of the important names of the NBA who witnessed that match or took part in that match will be shared.

Meanwhile, with the filter system used, the developer team aims to relive the experience we had while watching NBA games on television in the 1980s and 1990s. Fields, jerseys, players, everything has been tried to be faithful to the original. We can say that it is a complete nostalgia mode 🙂 In fact, the structure of the game is designed to reflect that period with details such as transition games and mid-range shots; sounds good, I hope it reflects well in the game.

A similar mode was presented in WWE 2K22, which was released a few months ago, called the Rey Mysterio Showcase. It is possible to say that it is a generally liked game mode. I think it’s a good move that 2K decided to bring this mod back once again. Of course, Michael Jordan is one of the most suitable names for this. If there is a popular mode this year, it can be continued with other legends of the NBA in the coming years.

What kind of NBA game awaits us this year, we will see from September 9th. We look forward to seeing you closely.


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