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John Romero returned to the creation of full-fledged shooters

John Romero returned to the creation of full-fledged shooters

Legendary designer John Romero once so powerfully blew all the trust points earned while working with id Software with the release of Daikatana that he retired from creating major games for many years. Even when he founded the Romero Games studio with his wife in 2015, the first major project of the team was the creation of Brenda Romero – the Empire of Sin strategy – while John Romero slowly returned to his former design form due to fan additions to DOOM and DOOM II – Sigil and the not-yet-released Sigil 2, respectively.

But the moment has finally come: Romero Games studio has started working on a new shooter with John at the head. The game is being created on Unreal Engine 5 and with the money of some major publisher, but otherwise the project is still in its infancy – in fact, it was announced not for the sake of PR among the public, but in order to find new people for the studio.

So it won’t be another year before we see if John Romero succeeds in restoring his glorious reputation as a level design rock star. It would be great.

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