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Is Ubisoft shutting down Roller Champions?

Is Ubisoft shutting down Roller Champions?

Known for leaking insiders, journalist Jeff Grubb spoke about another potential victim of belt-tightening in Ubisoft: Roller Champions .

“What is Roller Champions?” – many will ask … how will they explain why this game is planned (according to Grubb’s insiders) to stop supporting after the third season. But in general, this is such a futuristic sports game with two teams of three people running around on roller skates with a ball and trying to score goals against each other. Not Rocket League at all, in general, yes (especially in terms of success).

Roller Champions just released two months ago on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and just a month ago on Switch. Usually Ubisoft doesn’t bury games so quickly, but the publisher is having a hard time right now, so nothing can be ruled out.

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