Is Meghan Markle Seven Months Pregnant With Second Child?

Is Meghan Markle Seven Months Pregnant With Second Child?

Is Meghan Markle Seven Months Pregnant With Second Child?

Is Meghan Markle seven months pregnant? The report in a tabloid claims that the Duchess of Sussex and her husband Prince Harry are expecting another boy. Gossip Cop took the tale to the bottom to see if it was real.

Okay, back in December! The news was reported that Markle was having a second boy. At an event in November, the publication reported Markle was seen looking “bumpy.” A allegedly told the outlet Markle had a “pregnancy light” at the case. This person added that when she was pregnant with her baby, Archie, Markle “kept her belly,” as she did.

The source also had information about the baby, including the gender, stating, “She’s pregnant for about four months, and this is a child!”The source went on to suggest the duke and duchess intended for a while to keep it a mystery. “The first individuals they asked were Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, all of whom were delighted. There were Prince William and Duchess Kate next and they were just as pleased, “added this source.

The article continued, stating that the pair is looking forward to raising a kid in the U.S. The paper insisted the duke and duchess wanted to move to California and get away from all the “royal protocol.” “The intention is to spend much of the time in L.A. with Doria, but Megan still wants to meet some of her old friends who have not yet met Archie,” shared the author.

And this claim is completely false. Markle will only be expected now, as this report was written in December, but seven months out, and definitely appearing and sounding really healthy. Markle was previously seen at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey earlier this month and she was obviously not expecting. With the track record of this notorious newspaper, it’s clear to see why this article was solely planned to sell newspapers.

Good! Hasn’t been accurate on Markle reports in the past. The paper has confirmed Markle and Prince Harry decided to have their kid in America last year. A supposed insider also assured the newspaper that “the royal responsibilities of Prince Harry are vital to him, but he enjoys the thought of leaving… and raising the kid in warm, drama-free California.” Gossip Cop checked at the report and debunked it just as we debunked this one. Our coverage was further proved right when verified at Portland Hospital in London by the palace where the Duchess of Sussex gave birth to her family.



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