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Is EA Games Developing A New Iron Man Game?

Is EA Games Developing A New Iron Man Game?

EA Games is one of the leading game companies. The company, whose name we have heard with many famous productions, has been frequently mentioned with Marvel characters lately. For the company, which is claimed to release the game of the Black Panther character in the near future, it is now claimed to be making an Iron Man game .

We saw that Tom Henderson also made statements for the new Iron Man production, which is said to be a single-player game, not a multiplayer . So is such a game really being developed?

What Do We Know About the EA Games Iron Man Game?

Tom Henderson , one of the best game resources, has made a statement on the allegations. Stating that they are working on a new Marvel game and that this game is about Iron Man , Tom Henderson also stated that for now, the allegations cannot go beyond rumors.

Tom Henderson also stated that he has not seen any evidence about the mentioned game yet.

What we understand here is that although such a game will be developed, it is currently in the most fundamental stages of the project. It seems to be still in the idea stage. There is neither an official statement nor any document to prove it.

We will learn over time whether we will see a new Iron Man game from EA Games .

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