Is 825 GB SSD size Appropriate for PlayStation 5?

Is 825 GB SSD size Appropriate for PlayStation 5?

As we are already aware, if 825 GB, the PlayStation 5 would have an SSD capability. For game sizes getting bigger every day, the question is, is 825 GB of storage space appropriate for the PS5?

As game sizes that over time, one 1 TB of storage space is increasingly restrictive. Games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare require storage space of 120 GB and 160 GB, respectively. PlayStation 5 owners with an 825 GB SSD will not be able to store more than 5 AAA games on the console.

This calculation does not take into account any other data which you might have stored on the PS5. Fans are concerned about shuffling games because of the limited storage capacity.

Architect Mark Cerny confirmed in the latest PlayStation 5 announcement that PS5 owners will be able to access extra storage space using an external hard drive. In the dedicated expansion port, owners can also add a M.2 SSD, if they need more space.

But it’s a catch. The PS5 does support external hard drives but only with backwards compatibility for the purpose of playing PS4 games. This means that if users want more space to play PS5 games, they’ll need to buy another SSD.

Let’s not forget that the PS5 has fast blazing SSD velocities. Even at the end of the year it will be hard to find SSD’s that easy. On top of that, we should assume, to say the least, that these faster SSD’s are very expensive. So in the assembly bay of the PS5 there is the question of fitting these custom SSD’s.

What all this means is that Sony Interactive Entertainment will eventually release its own official SSD’s for PS5 expansion. Fans feel like they’re being forced to buy extra storage space. Many consumers can only afford these next-gen consoles and now they may even need to purchase extra storage.

People who are unable to afford extra storage for the PS5 will have to pick which games to play at any given time. To most applications, the PS5 SSD storage capacity would most likely prove restrictive. We’ll have to wait to see if 825 GB is ample space for coming PS games.

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