iPhone 11 will need these improvements
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iPhone 11 will need these improvements to deal with the competition

iPhone 11 will need these improvements to deal with the competition

iPhone 11 is expected to be released in the fall of 2019. Though Apple has not given any official statements, certain prototypes of the iPhone 11 have started to appear all over the internet showing us what we can expect from the “Latest and Greatest”. There are also rumours stating the 2019 iPhones are to be released on 10th of September, with the latest iOS 13.

We don’t know the exact price of the latest iPhone yet but we can expect it to be similar to the initial prices of the previous smartphones released by iPhone. Prices of iPhones tend to start at $999 and go further up, but if you are to buy the more affordable option of iPhone XR the prices begin from $799.
The new iPhone needs some serious updates and major improvements rather than a radical redesign for Apple to have a legendary successor. Apple is creating an iPhone 11 mainly to compete with the emerging world industry.

We can expect iPhone 11 will need these improvements. 

• Extended Battery life
• OLED Display
• Fast charging cable and power brick
• Upgraded front camera
• An upgraded rear camera and zooming capabilities
• Boosted processor efficiency to be even better than A13

The iPhone XR was the first commercial success that came on the second attempt for making a more affordable iPhone. The iPhone 5c failed to impress in 2013, and we thought we’d never see the maker give this idea another try. Well, last year the iPhone XR was more than well received being the best selling iPhone of the trio, so this year we welcome its sequel – the iPhone 11.

The previous iPhones might be amazing ad powerful smartphones but there is always room for improvement. The new iPhone should have a higher resolution camera, along with a strong night mode feature like Huawei’s P30 Pro ad Google pixel 3. It is rumoured for iPhone 11 to be getting three cameras. It might even have a triple shot mode like LG’s V50 phone which takes the same shot through all of its 3 rear cameras at once. They also need a better processor that can work faster and consume less battery.

iPhone 11 will need these improvements to deal with the competition
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