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Internet laughs at new Forspoken trailer

Internet laughs at new Forspoken trailer

Forspoken reminded of its existence with a new trailer, which brought the game a lot of publicity. Mainly due to the alteration of the speech of the heroine, who did not win the sympathy of Internet users.

Forspoken is supposed to be the next big RPG from Square Enix and the makers of Final Fantasy XIV. However, at the moment, the new work of Luminous Productions has gained fame only because of the developer. A new video from Forspoken has become a breeding ground for memes.

Of course, the hostility of the players is not caused by the merits (absence) of the game as such, i.e. problems with gameplay or audio-visual effects. Well, maybe without the “audio” part, because it was through certain “sounds” that Forspoken conquered Twitter. .

“This game looks beautiful and the gameplay is crazy, but I bet the story/dialogues will get on my nerves,” wrote one Twitter user.

Let’s hope that the developers will change the game for the better.

Forspoken will release on January 24, 2023 for PC and PlayStation 5.

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