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How to use emotions in Multiversus?

How to use emotions in Multiversus?

MultiVersus is an online fighting game that pits you against the most famous characters from Warner Bros. During fights, you can use different emotes. In this guide, you will learn how to use them.

Using emotions in MultiVersus is very simple.
Use the following buttons:

  1. T, 2, 3, 4 if you play on PC;
  2. D-pad when using a gamepad.

Basically, each character has one unique gesture (hidden under the T or top D-pad button). However, more emotes and taunts will be unlocked over time. In total, you can be assigned 4 different ones for 1 character.

To choose which emotions belong to a particular character, you need to go to the menu and select the “collection” tab. There you will select a specific character. The personalization panel will open. There you can click on one of the four windows representing emote slots and assign the ones you want.

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