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How to Build a Minecraft Water Lift?

Minecraft has some types of moves that defy the laws of physics and use the “magic” available in the game world. One of them is to have the water propel the player towards the sky. In this content, we will explain how to make an elevator in Minecraft using the non-physical properties of water.

Is It Possible to Make a Water Lift?

Believe me, it is possible to make a water lift in Minecraft. It basically consists of a tunnel as large as the player wants and takes it to great heights quickly and theoretically safely. It is quite difficult to climb, especially when we have buildings with several floors. Also, climbing with the help of a ladder can be not only time consuming but also risky. For example, slipping or missteps and falling, taking too much damage are very common.


That’s why water lifts are so sensitive and important. It takes the character from one height to another very quickly. Well, let’s examine how a water elevator is made.

Minecraft Elevator Construction

A water lift can actually be done in several ways. This may change depending on the creativity or idea of ​​the player. But here we will show you how to do it in the simplest and most practical way. The water lift requires a lot of resources depending on the height you want, time and dedication. But once built, it is quite beneficial.


The materials you need to make a water lift;

  • At least one block of soul sand
  • a bucket full of water

Other building blocks for the elevator depend on your purpose, but it is recommended to use stone or glass blocks during construction. With that in mind, you need to create a space-in-the-middle structure with your stone or glass blocks that creates at least one “+” sign for the object to be a displacement field. Afterwards, simply place the soul sand block at the base of the built area. Fill with water from there to the top or wherever you want.


Try to adapt this structure we mentioned to your own building or house. In this case, the remaining structures are entirely up to your own creativity. You can develop the water lift as you wish and add your own designs.

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