How And Where To Kick A Football 100 Meters Quickly: In Fortnite

How And Where To Kick A Football 100 Meters Quickly: In Fortnite

How And Where To Kick A Football 100 Meters Quickly: In Fortnite

One of The Two Week 5 Challenges in the Fortnite Season allows players to kick a 100 meter soccer ball. You will complete this challenge here.

We’re on to Fortnite’s second official week. That means the players have a whole new set of challenges to complete. The challenges of these weeks are the Meowscles, a skin which can be unlocked in this Battle Pass seasons.

The Official Challenge term is Mischief of Meowscles. As with the other two tasks for agents, the tasks will have two parts. Part 1 with a part 2 unlocking at UTC, there are 10 challenges.

Meowscles will also face additional challenges week requiring players to submit fish to unlock one of those types of epidermis.

One of the problems facing us today needs players to kick a 100 meter soccer ball. You’re not going to be able to kick a football either by running at it and hoping for the best. If you do that, you can never manage to complete the mission. We’ve provided a fast guide on how and where you can kick a 100 meter soccer ball to complete this challenge quickly.

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How And Where To Kick A Soccer Ball 100 Meters







Here’s where you’ll find Soccer ball locations in Fortnite. Below that, you’ll find the best location to quickly complete the kick a soccer ball 100 meters challenge.

  • Pleasant Park Field
  • North west of Frenzy Farm
  • East side of Holly Hedges
  • North West of Pleasant Park

On the Fortnite map, there are a few football ball positions. There is one at Fun Park, where the helicopter from Choppa is based. Though, this position is not ideal if you want to complete the challenge as soon as possible as to complete this challenge you would need to keep jumping and running with.

Players may then land or visit a hill located north of Frenzy Field. At the top of the hill there is going to be a soccer ball that you can easily run at to kick it down the slope. If it drops down the hill and keeps going, you’ll have completed the kick of a 100 meter challenge soccer ball.

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