Horizon Zero Dawn is Coming to PC?

Horizon Zero Dawn is Coming to PC?

Horizon Zero Dawn is Coming to PC?

Jason Schreier, a Kotaku journalist said sources have revealed to him that this year Horizon Zero Dawn will be coming to the PC. The information relating to the release of the Horizon Zero Dawn PC comes from three different sources from Schreier.

This is not the first time an exclusive Playstation 4 will release for Windows. We have recently seen new PS4 Quantic Dreams ‘ Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human launched on PC. Nevertheless, Sony Interactive Entertainment did not own the studios that produced such games.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an accessible, action RPG setting. Gamers play as the 31st Century protagonist Aloy, who by birth has perceptive abilities. The game is published by Guerrilla Games, and is currently only available on PS4.

The game is a great piece of entertainment and has been widely appreciated all over the world by critics and fans.

If Horizon Zero Dawn is started on a Mac, it will set a precedent in gaming history. If I’m not wrong, I believe it would be the first time a production game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment would come to the PC.

We do note that Death Stranding is releasing on a PC before that too. Guerrilla Games had given Death Stranding a helping hand. Death Stranding release on PC could have provoked the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC by Guerrilla Games Studio.

A Russian gaming writer, Anton Logvinov also reported that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC in December 2019. He also accurately anticipated Death Stranding’s announcement arriving on Mac. That adds to the authenticity of the claim made by Jason Schreier.

When Horizon Zero Dawn comes to Mac, can Sony make a wise move? We all know that Sony is depending on its exclusives to keep its client base safe.

But, if they release their games on more platforms, more users will of course be brought in. Microsoft has already supported this direction, launching many exclusives of their Xbox One on Mac. A more diverse gaming system would help pull together a wide-ranging culture.

Needless to say, as we have not yet received any confirmation from either Sony Interactive Entertainment or Guerrilla Games, the current reports should, for now, be treated as rumor. We are sure to update you on that if anything changes.

Horizon Zero Dawn is Coming to PC?
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