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Horizon Forbidden West never stops: the first DLC may be on the way

Horizon Forbidden West never stops: the first DLC may be on the way

The time may soon come to return to explore Aloy’s latest adventure: Guerrilla seems to be currently working on a potential Horizon Forbidden West DLC , at least according to the latest clues leaked on the net.

Technically, no official announcement has yet arrived from the developers of Forbidden West ( which you can retrieve on offer on Amazon ), but fans have been convinced for some time that an expansion can really be planned.

In fact , a mysterious area within the game had recently been identified , which seemed to suggest the possible arrival of additional content, for which the developers would have taken the first steps.


Actress Peggy Vrijens , who contributed to Aloy’s motion capture for the action-packed scenes, confirmed with some posts on her social channels that she is back to shoot new scenes (via GamesRadar + ).

Although it has not been technically confirmed that the works are about Horizon Forbidden West , the hypothesis gained much more credibility after another post by the same performer, who revealed that she had met with another key figure in Aloy’s latest adventure.


This is the actor Louis Van Beek , who contributed to the development of the latest PlayStation exclusive by lending his voice to several characters: there are therefore two very important figures for the adventure of Guerrilla, who seem to have returned to work at the same time.

Many users are therefore convinced that this is an important clue regarding the possible start of the work of the first DLC of Horizon Forbidden West , but remember that it is only a hypothesis to be taken with due precautions.

In fact, the possibility remains of course that it could be a possible separate project , such as the spin-off Horizon Call of the Mountain exclusively for PS VR2 , or something that is not at all connected to the universe of this beloved exclusive.

What is certain is that the exclusive PlayStation signed by Guerrilla has conquered not only the hearts of the public, but also of critics and developers: we remember that Horizon Forbidden West even managed to win its first GOTY award .

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