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GUNNIR Intel Arc A380 Price Officially Announced

GUNNIR Intel Arc A380 Price Officially Announced

Intel’s Intel Arc A380 , which was introduced as the first desktop graphics card, albeit exclusive to China, came to the fore with a single special model. This model that users could reach was the GUNNIR Intel Arc A380 Photon series.

We talked about the features for the GUNNIR signed graphics card before. Even though it is not official, we have seen that the video card is listed on JD and the sales page is opened.

However, although the card was listed on JD, the official sale price was never announced. Now, the prices have been officially announced. 

GUNNIR Intel Arc A380 Photon Makes You Think With Its Price

Officially offering the new graphics card for sale, GUNNIR has set a price of 1299 RMB, or 192 dollars , for the card .

In its statement, Intel announced the MSRP price of the graphics card model in question as 1030 RMB, or 150 dollars .

We understand that the GUNNIR special model will be sold at a higher price. Now you may think why we shared a price for a video card sold in China.

Let me explain why right away. The prices announced for the GUNNIR Intel Arc A380 model will give a preliminary idea of ​​the pricing of Intel’s graphics cards.

For now, the model is exclusive to China, but may soon come to the European market. In addition, the price of this model gives us a preview of the price of other Intel Arc series graphics cards that are expected to go on sale soon.

We are in a period of falling prices for video cards from rival NVIDIA and AMD. It seems that Intel will have to offer prices that will be a little more competitive.

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