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GTA V’s Sales Finally Exceed 170 Million

GTA V's Sales Finally Exceed 170 Million

Grand Theft Auto V is undoubtedly one of the greatest games of recent years, a true success story. Take-Two Interactive announced its fiscal quarter ending June 30, 2022, and announced that Grand Theft Auto V’s sales exceeded 170 million.

GTA V is the best-selling game of the last 10 years in America, both in unit sales and dollars.

These sales figures are important in this respect. We reported over 160 million in the two previous quarters, last quarter sales were over 165 million. Again, in this three-month period, the game has sold another 5 million copies, which is really a big deal. I guess there is nothing to say about a game that can reach the sales figures that most AAA games barely see, even though it has been 9 years since its release. Moreover, as you know, Epic Games Store gave GTA V to all players for free.

If Grand Theft Auto V is going to increase by 5 million every three months like this, I think it can see 200 million before GTA 6 comes out, we’ll wait and see.

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