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Google, trading Home Mini together with Nest Mini is quite confusing

Google, trading Home Mini together with Nest Mini is quite confusing

The Google Home Mini was an insanely famous smart speaker that essentially covered Google Assistant’s place in the marketplace. Though, now its successor Nest Mini offerings are much better, but it is quite confusing that the two are still sold together.

The official announcement of Nest Mini was made in the market just a month ago, but it was evident from the early rumors that it would offer a much-improved product than the Home Mini was. It has a louder, improved speaker, an integral wall mount, and it even utilizes the reprocessed materials too. Despite all the improved features, it offers a competent price of the same $49 price tag.

Google is still trading the two products (Home Mini and Nest Mini) side-by-side in most retail stores despite the fact that a month after the official announcement, Nest Mini went up for pre-order. In the market, this act of Google is quite confusing. Still, the products are retailed under the same classification and there’s no declaration of the Nest Mini on the Home Mini’s list. What confuses the consumers more is both products have the same price too.
The main problem this confusing act by Google is causing is that the consumers who just open a link or go through an old advertisement usually end up paying $50 for the Home Mini when they could purchase the improved Nest Mini instead. It’s just a ridiculous and confusing act by Google.

Interestingly, at a number of retail stores, the story is quite different. Walmart and Best Buy both offer the Google Home Mini speakers at a discounted price, taking the price down to $39 and it is expected to be even cheaper around the public holidays. In the best setting, selling the two products, in the same way, sounds sensible in a retail business, but an example from our own Kyle Bradshaw showed that the Home Mini being traded next to the improved Nest Mini display at a Best Buy location.

Currently, the placement of both of these products on sale at retail stores, at the same time and for the same MSRP is misleading. This confusion is leading to a large number of customers purchasing the substandard product. Come on Google, don’t be wicked about this.

Google can do something with the leftover Home Mini units. According to David Imel’s suggestion, there’s one good motive to keep the Home Mini around globally, however. The Home Mini is appreciated and sold in more countries than the Nest Mini. It is no way sensible to ditch the older product until the latest one is accessible there, but in advanced countries where the Nest Mini has already launched, it’s unethical to lead the consumers to buy an inferior product.

I am quite sure that another cause the Home Mini is still retailed in the Google Store together with the Nest Mini is the organization’s Spotify partnership since it needs the device to be bought through the Store. Even if this is the case, it is ethical for Google either to add a message to the Home Mini’s listing or at least make the price low.

Google, trading Home Mini together with Nest Mini is quite confusing
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