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Google Pixel 4 to Catch AI Zoom Capability

Google Pixel 4 to Catch AI Zoom Capability

The tech giant Google offers Google Pixel 4 as the latest one from the pixel family. Pixel 4 the smartphone shows how software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can boost the proficiencies of a camera. The features of a smartphone’s camera are the most important concern for the smartphone purchasers all over the world. Google Pixel 4which is the most recent model in the smartphone line distinct by its cameras, offers a major upgrade of enriched zoom capacity while shooting photos. The parent company of Google (Alphabet) is offering its’ cameras in a different way than Apple, Samsung Electronics or Huawei technologies. Instead of placing 3-4 cameras with complex optics arrangement, Google chased a single added lens that depends on (AI) and dealing to cover the quality gap. Smart, isn’t it?


Isaac Reynolds, product manager on the business’s Pixel team explained in an interview that instead of the typical spec barrage, Google selects to work on a “software-defined camera,” The gadget must be judged by the final result, he said. Google claims that Pixel 4 offers a 3x digital zoom that competes with the standard of optical zoom from multiple-lens arrays. The Pixel 4 consists of two lenses with a magnification feature between them. The tech that covers the suitable range is completely software. The success of the Pixel’s camera is a tremendous contribution to Google’s high goals. This camera supports Google Photos adoption, offers more feed for Google’s libraries, and assists to create excellent experiences with augmented-reality uses. The walking directions in Google Maps are being one.


The feature of Super Res Zoom which Google launched last year follows the photographer’s slight hand movements while taking a shot. This hinders to create a crisp image as a benefit in creating an image. The camera can shoot a burst of rapid takes; each one from a little different position and cartels them into a solo image. This algorithmic method allows Google to gather more information from imaging hardware.


Google has introduced its own Pixel Neural Core chip for the Pixel 4 lineup to enhance its dependence on (AI) and automated tasks. It speeds up the machine-learning process of the device. Its purpose is to differentiate Google’s offering through a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor from other Android smartphones available in the market. Another main tool in Google’s (AI) supplies is called RAISR (Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution). It practices AI on vast libraries of images to enhance the resolution of images effectively. This system can identify special patterns, visual features, and edges in order to develop the low-quality shots in an improved form. This application is the key to create zoom with “smoother quality degradation,” as said by Reynolds. Now the US Company has a considerable supply of images to practice its software on.


Another feature that Pixel 4 offers is the identification of the faces of people. This feature has a similarity to Apple’s iPhones. Familiar faces catches priority and focus on Pixel 4 while capturing a new shot. This use of software technology has given Google’s devices a distinct image to date. Facebook, Apple and, aim to launch their own Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems too.


Google Pixel 4 to Catch AI Zoom Capability
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