Fortnite in decline? Is This News is True?

Fortnite in decline? Is This News is True?

Fortnite in decline? Epic says no (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite in decline? Is This News is True?

FORTNITE fans are currently enjoying a new season of Battle Pass content on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. But is it as popular as it used to be?

Fortnite developer Epic Games has denied reports of a decline in the Battle Royale game.

SuperData, a market research firm recently claimed that Fortnite earnings have been at their lowest point since 2017.

Battle Royale games, the company said, encountered mixed fortunes in January, choosing Fortnite and Apex Legends as two titles that made less money than before.

But the arguments seem unimpressed to Epic, claiming that the results of SuperData are wildly inaccurate and do not reflect reality.

Indeed SuperData’s methods are highly questionable, according to Epic Games.

“SuperData does not and has never had access to Epic’s Fortnite sales data, and the reports from SuperData do not accurately reflect the success of Fortnite,” a representative from Epic told “We are disappointed that SuperData has repeatedly published wildly inaccurate reports on Fortnite based on what we believe to be questionable methodology.

Fortnite in decline? Is This News is True?
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